Mojo Workout 02

Episode #2 of Mojo Workout – which is really the 1st because we didn’t record the 1st. See how that works?
Featuring your hosts Michael Kaiser, Jason Snyderman, Greg Lonesome, Jorge “Sectmaniac”, and Gentleman Matt.
This week’s points system was comprised of Hot Dogs. Get out your score cards and follow along with our at-home-version of the game. Celebrity BowlerSkating included match-ups between the Sex Pistols and the Clash, the Rip-Offs and the Infections, the Sharks and Frenzy, and more. We may have also played a couple rounds of “True Talent or Pant Load”. Spun a handful o’ tunes as well.
Join us LIVE every Friday night at 8:00pm Eastern Time. Only on Real Punk Radio.

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