Mojo Workout 23: Just Keister It Right In

Boldly going where no show has gone before on the 23rd voyage of the Starship Mojo Workout!

This is the episode that they should have pulled the plug on, thanks to gate-crasher, Hellkitten. Chock full of extra silliness, food, double-entendres, Gregorian Rants, and another dramatic reading by Thee Gentleman “Jazz Hands-Spirit Fingers-Love Holster-Man Cave-BM” Diplo-Matt.

No less than six Celebrity BowlerSkating matches, including: Harry Morgan vs. Mclean Stevenson, the Mermaid from Splash vs. the Little Mermaid, Ronald McDonald vs. Wendy, and more.

Points: Manwiches

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7 Responses to Mojo Workout 23: Just Keister It Right In

  1. Matt says:

    The “and more…” is the worst part

  2. Sectmaniac says:

    Mr. Furley vs Mr. Roper

  3. Sectmaniac99 says:

    Mr. Furley vs Mr. Roper – one of the greatest battles of all time.

  4. Matt says:

    Allen Greene – Neck Bones!

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