Mojo Workout 47: Finger Puppets

Here is your show notes: Mojo Workout 47 is filled with the same silliness as the preceding shows, but better!

Includes a new and improved Magnificent Moments segment, and two (2) Gregorian Rants. Plus Finger Puppets.

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One Response to Mojo Workout 47: Finger Puppets

  1. pod says:


    I am a subscriber from spain and i heard a couple or more episodes ago that someone of u said u had like 50 subscribers on itunes. Im subscribed from Listen application on Android, so u have one more subscriber although i cant post coments or rate the podcast.

    I like your show and the music u play on it. Is there somewhere on post all the songs u played on one podcast? I would like to download some of them but i cant get the names cause my english is not so good.

    P.D.Excuse my english

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