The original segment on Mojo Workout was Bowlerskating. A sort of celebrity deathmatch type of affair that changed over time. Originally, host A would come up with a match between two people/bands/things with a winner that they had already predetermined. Host A would then challenge host B to pick the correct answer of the two choices given.

Later, it evolved into a host picking a category, choosing two other hosts to duel it out, who would pick their favorites in that category. Then, we let the Red Shirts in the chat decide the winner, live.

Shows evolve over time and Bowlerskating has pretty much gone the way of dial up modems, although we may pull out a match from time to time.

Not so much a segment, but part of the show, nonetheless. Every week points are given out to the crew members for showing up on time, playing kick ass songs, winning a Bowlerskating match, etc. These points are usually in the form of some weird or disgusting food product, but it varies week to week from the mild to the wild. The winners of the previous show are revealed at the beginning of each episode. Ties are decided by a pants-off dance-off.

“We deal with stiffs.”- Monty Python

There’s always somebody dying. Sometimes it even happens to people we like, and that sucks. The Mojo Bozos mourn the passing of legends, paying tribute to favorite musicians and actors or people we deem worthy.

For as many deaths as there are, there are also birthdays! So, to neutralize the downer of the Mojobituary, the crew of the S.S. Mojo Workout also give birthday shout outs. It’s all part of the low-brow, high-wire balancing act we do here at Mojo Workout.

Sometimes unsuspecting web surfers wind up on board a spaceship full of space cases. That’s right, friends, people searching the interwebs for something completely different find themselves on board the S.S. Mojo Workout, and the way they get there is sometimes hilarious.

Greg Lonesome went off about so many things they named a segment after it. He’s not the only one that does this segment, though. Anyone can go off into a tirade about anything that pisses them off. The Red Shirts seem to like it, and it feels pretty damn good, too.

Whenever we can, we get people who are better than us to sit in on the show. We’re not quite sure why they come on, but they do, and sometimes they even come back for more! Notable guests have been Michael “Daddy Love” Lucas of the Phantom Surfers, Russell Quan of the Mummies, Phantom Surfers et al., Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine, outlaw country singer/songwriter Stevie Tombstone, PJ of the Dirty Water Club & Dirty Water Records and more.

When Thee Gentleman Diplo-Matt can get his raft to the studio, he throws out a challenge to all the Red Shirts, asking them to tell all their friends to come in and listen to the show by way of spamming their favorite social networking sites. Somehow it never seems to bring us anymore Red Shirts, but we do it anyway.

Some of the crew are chileheads, and this is where we discuss things like hot peppers, hot sauces, etc. Sounds like something off the Food Network, doesn’t it? Maybe they should give us our own show.

After a Gregorian Rant where Lonesome went off about the 2012 inductees and who they passed over, the crew decided to make their own Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Every week the Mojo Bozos clean house of folks who made it into the Faux Hall of Fame and don’t belong there, and then induct more deserving folks, totally untouched by corporate record industry bloodsucker influence. This is the newest segment on Mojo Workout, and has become a juggernaut of it’s own, usually taking up well over an hour of the 3 hour tour. We now have a whole page with the breakdown of whom we’ve inducted, flushed, and kept in the Real Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

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