Gentleman Matt

Gentleman Matt

Gentleman Matt

Floating on a Tom Sawyer raft comprised of McDonald’s straws and Slim Jims along the world famous waterways of the beautiful, city of choice- the heart of San Diego North, Escondido, California, it’s the host of Live from the Shamrock Motel: THEE Gentleman, Jazz-Hands, Spirit Fingers, Love Holster, Man Cave, B.M., Keister, Monkey Knuckle, Team Member, Vitamin D, Snazzy Boy, Kiddie Pool, Super User, Mile-High Singles Club, Solid Gold Dancer, Brownout, Citizens Band, Boot-Scootin’, Ghastly Poutine, Silky, Sparkle Hoof, High-Steppin’, Air-Saxin’, Mornin’ Drinkin’, Rock N Roll Pukin’, Flatfoot Diplo-Matt!

One Response to Gentleman Matt

  1. Matt says:

    If anyone wants to make me a child ID bracelet with my name on it, I would appreciate it.

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